Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Diana Morgan, MS, CISSN

Diana Morgan, MS, CISSN
Diana Morgan is an innovative and entrepreneurial strategist with over 15 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry in areas such as Regulatory Affairs, Product Development, Technical Services and Sales coupled with a personal passion for nutrition & health.
University of Saint Joseph Master’s Degree, Nutrition Sciences 2013 - 2016 Montclair State University Bachelor’s Degree, Nutrition 2003-2007
Medical Review Standards
At our core, our formulation & medical team are healers. We believe in formulating, educating and recommending products and practices that serve our consumer’s health holistically. We leverage expertise gained through years of medical training and clinical practice to formulate our products. The same conscientious, science-driven approach is taken when writing articles for our blog. Any studies cited in a blog must mean the same exacting standards that support our products including number of studies, statistical significance of results, and clinical methodology.