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Third-Party Tested
Third-Party Tested
No Unnecessary Fillers
No Unnecessary Fillers
Certified C.L.E.A.N.
Certified C.L.E.A.N.
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Our research and development team has traveled the globe, finding the best ingredients to help support your energy goals
The most energizing adaptogen to support you before, during, and after workouts.*
Give your brain and energy levels a little boost with three active forms of B12.*
Nurture your nervous system with key B vitamins in their most absorbent forms.*
Support your energy goals in 2023 ·
Support your energy goals in 2023 ·

What Makes Care/of's Energy Products Unique

You deserve vitamins and essential nutrients made to fit your unique needs, whether that’s gearing up for back-to-back Zoom meetings, an intense workout — or all the things in-between. Care/ofs line of energy vitamins are all based on science and created with the easiest forms of each nutrient for your body to absorb and digest.

Whenever possible, we source the ingredients behind our energy supplements in their most absorbent form.
We never add unnecessary fillers or G.M.O ingredients to our supplements, meaning you can run on clean energy.
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All our products are tested when we receive ingredients.

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I have felt much better since starting Care/Of. A lot more energy."


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Given me tons of energy, allowing me to get on track in regards to my fitness journey.

Alyssa L.

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The amount of energy I have anymore is amazing. I usually wake up feeling groggy for the first hour but within 20 min after I take my packet I'm ready to go for the day.

Danielle S.

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