Let's talk about stress, baby: making self-care a priority in 2024

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    We were curious about stress and self-care practices in America, so we did some research. The results were fascinating and inspiring.

    These days, people are constantly connected to one another, through a myriad of devices and applications at any given moment, but it seems most people feel increasingly isolated and stressed. And organic “me time” is elusive, unless it’s part of a larger, more intentional self-care practice. We were curious about whether stress levels were actually rising, and whether more people really were carving out the time to practice their own versions of self-care. That’s why we partnered with AYTM Research, to survey 1,000 men and women across the U.S., to get a better sense of the landscape of American wellbeing.

    We were fascinated and inspired by the results: in 2022, Americans actually did prioritize their health/wellness routines over other major life pursuits, including work, beauty routines, their dating and sex lives, social obligations and traveling. In a hyper-connected world where we’re often expected to strike the perfect balance between our careers and our relationships - predicated upon our commitments to others - people are increasingly turning their focus back to square one: themselves. And that’s a great thing.

    The healthiest relationship we can maintain is with ourselves. Self-care can look different for each person. Taking your vitamins, catching a yoga class, walking in the park, or even something as simple as applying a face mask, are all small rituals that have the potential to generate big results, i.e. producing positive #vibes, settling the mind, boosting self-confidence, and nurturing self-esteem. We’re important, and we deserve to treat ourselves with love and care.

    And it’s especially critical during unstable times. In 2022, 89.7% of Americans felt moderately or extremely stressed. As we head into the new year, recognizing the external stressors in our lives and in our communities can help us to be more mindful of the ways in which we’re affected by them. Self-care can apply to our communities, too.

    That said, we know it can be challenging to take care of yourself consistently. Schedules and time constraints were the biggest obstacles preventing Americans from prioritizing health and wellness last year, beating out cost, work stress, laziness/forgetfulness, and lack of knowledge. And while focusing on health and wellness is at the top of most Americans’ 2023 resolutions list, women and men differ in what they’d choose to improve specifically: 1 in 3 men would improve their sleep quality in 2023, while 2 in 5 women would like to reduce their stress levels. Even with self-care on the rise, it’s clear many people are still struggling to achieve the right equilibrium.

    Our research also revealed that millennials are the most stressed generation, beating out both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers for this dubious honor. The pressure is so acute that they’d be willing to give up coffee and two weeks of social media for healthier, glowing skin! But millennials aren’t the only demographic willing to go to extreme lengths to improve their health. According to our research, nearly 2 in 3 Americans would give up sex for one month if as a result they stuck to their health and wellness resolutions for the rest of 2023. Almost 70% of the respondents who chose this tradeoff were women.

    Looking ahead to 2023, 82.3% of women and 75.8% of men are eager to learn even more about health and wellness in order to elevate their daily routines. And, nearly 2 in 3 women also want to learn more about beauty for their 2023 daily routines, too.

    Good news: Care/of is here to help.

    You don’t have to sacrifice intimacy, social media, or your daily coffee addiction to make significant strides toward wellness in 2019. Rather than giving things up, prioritize developing a routine. And when possible, lean on tools to help you persevere! Vitamins, like all good habits, require a daily commitment, which is why we do the legwork of providing you with personalized daily packets, and app features that remind you to take ‘em.

    We’ve also collected tons of knowledge and advice from teams of researchers and nutritionists on our Scientific Advisory Board, and we’re eager to share. Did you know that evening primrose oil has been used traditionally by Native Americans for centuries, and recent research suggests that its high amount of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid, helps maintain healthy skin? Or that new research suggests that magnesium might help support improved sleep efficiency and can help relieve occasional sleeplessness? Those looking to support stress may also want to consider Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that’s used in traditional Ayurveda, and has been celebrated for centuries. Promising new research suggests that it may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, not to mention boost memory and cognitive function.

    Give our site and your personalized vitamin recommendations a look, and you’ll discover a wealth of tips and supplements to inform your 2023 resolutions and long term wellness journey.

    A personalized and consistent vitamin routine can help you tackle self-care in 2023, whether your goal is to support stress, better quality sleep, or healthier skin. This new year, we’re committed to giving you what you need in order to feel empowered, and we’re excited to watch you give yourself your healthiest year yet. Cheers to a bright year ahead!

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