Personalized Vitamins for 2024: A Dietitian's Review

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    My review of Care/of's personalized supplement recommendations for 2024.

    I hope you love the products I recommend. Just so you know, Wonderfully Made Nutrition may collect compensation from the brands I recommend, but I only write about products I believe in. If I love them, I hope you will too!

    I'm a registered dietitian who works with clients 1:1 to help them reach their health goals, and supplements are a big part of the equation. When recommending a supplement, it's important that I find a brand that is both high quality and intentionally practical.

    Supplements can be expensive, and while efficacious, it can be difficult to know what to take, let alone build a consistent daily habit.

    My Care/of experience

    Enter Care/of. They provide a personalized, high quality vitamin plan in convenient daily packs, at a price point that's under $2 a day. It’s truly a game-changer.

    I recently tried Care/of for 30 days. Here's a few of the reasons why it's my new gold standard for a supplement provider.

    Most of my clients know that supplements can support their health - whether it's better energy, gut health, stress or skin - but it can be hard to know where to start. Care/of takes out the confusion of knowing which supplements to take by doing this work for you.

    You take a short, 5-minute quiz on their website and get personalized recommendations based on your health goals, diet, and the latest research on supplement efficacy. To say it was easy is an understatement.

    Why the recommendations work

    I was impressed with the accuracy of Care/of’s recommendations since I would have recommended the same using my clinical judgment as a dietitian trained in supplement research. Clearly their quiz is well-designed and backed by solid scientific evidence, which they transparently make available on their site.

    My health goals included improved digestion, energy, stress management, immunity, sleep, and aiding exercise performance. The personalized recommendations I received included vitamins & supplements packaged in their awesome daily packs, making it super convenient and easy to remember to get my daily needs.

    I just put the vitamin pack dispenser box on my kitchen counter and took a pack while brewing my morning tea daily. I also stashed a few packs in my bag during holiday travel. So easy!


    My personalized packs contained adaptogens for stress and immune support, a probiotic blend for gut health, and B-complex vitamins and vitamin D in their proper biological forms (this is key for vitamins to actually be effective).

    The easy guidance of the quiz and the convenience of the daily packs is fantastic, reducing overwhelm and those clunky pill bottles! But what impressed me most about Care/of is their high quality standards. It’s my mission to provide truthful guidance, so I will be the first to say that both the food and supplement industries rarely harbor integrity. Yet Care/of puts quality front and center.

    Good supplements should be made from wholesome ingredients, made in the proper forms most readily used by the body (like vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin), and appropriately matched to serve specific health conditions. Care/of does just that.

    Aside from awesome nutritional qualities, the daily vitamin packs are now made with plant-based, compostable film. I value this sustainability as part of a truly holistic approach to wellbeing.

    Care/of's protein option

    My recommendations also included protein powder, which you can easily customize based on protein type and flavor preference. Care/of doesn’t use any strange fillers or artificial sweeteners, a unique aspect of their quality I haven’t seen in most powders on the market. You can choose between high quality whey or plant protein.

    I was impressed by Care/of’s combo of pea + pumpkin seed + hemp proteins used in their plant protein, a nutritionally balanced combo unique on the market. So I opted to try this in an unflavored version for versatility in recipes I develop. I love this flexibility of choice!

    victoria protein

    All of the supplements were also really affordable. Care/of supplements are well within comparable price ranges but are higher quality than most of the other “affordable” brands on the market.

    In short, Care/of is a supplement brand that I can trust both for myself and for my clients. That’s a big deal for me as a registered dietitian with a high standard for integrity and practicality for health and wellbeing. It’s my new gold standard, and a must-have partner for myself and my practice.

    Try it out for yourself

    Want to try Care/of for yourself? Take the quiz and get your personalized recommendations. Use my code WONDERFULLYMADE to get 50% off your first order!

    You're unique. Your supplements should be too.

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