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Is Care/of Worth It: 5 Reasons to Try Care/Of Vitamins in 2024

Care/of makes finding a vitamin routine that fits your life the easiest thing on your to-do list.

1. Made to take care of you

Vitamins are personal, and at Care/of, we get that. That’s why we design your vitamin plan with essential nutrients that fit your health goals, not everyone else’s. Energy fading by mid-day? We might recommend our Rhodiola. Skin and hair need some love? Collagen to the rescue. Prepping for a new addition? Our Prenatal (with 22 essential nutrients) it is!


2. Honest, science-backed advice

You deserve to know all that goes into the vitamins you’re taking. We promise to be as upfront with you as possible about the science behind each and every ingredient inside your vitamin pack. And we give it to you straight—breaking down what each ingredient does and what benefits to expect, minus the jargon.

3. Formulated for your body

We’re deliberate about our vitamin ingredients. That means choosing the nutrients that are easiest for your body to absorb and digest. For example, our folate is methylfolate, a form that is naturally found in the cells and most easily absorbed by the body. We also transparently source our ingredients from around the world in the regions where they grow the best. All supplements are also third party tested, non-GMO, and do not contain any unnecessary fillers.


4. All your vitamins in one daily pack

If you’re like us, remembering how many vitamins to take every day can bring on more than a little anxiety. Our all-in-one packs take the guesswork and calculations out of your vitamin routine, so you can get back to your day. A bonus: Our daily packs are made with plant-based film—specifically wood pulp and a fermented blend of corn, cassava root, and sugarcane—and are compostable. Good for you, good for our planet. For more info on our sustainability efforts, visit:

everything you need

5. Delivered right to your door

No time to think about refills? Same here. Once you place a Care/of order, your personalized vitamin packs are shipped straight to your door every month—we even print your name on each one! If you ever need to pause or change up your deliveries, not to worry — we make adjustments super easy for you as well. You’re always in control.

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